Pricing Information

5 inch by 7 inch illustration

Starting at $40.00

This size is a good choice for a single object, face, etc. Enjoy a conversational piece in your home, while not taking up too much space on your wall, or bookshelf.

 8 inch by 10 inch illustration 

SPECIAL OFFER!!! Starting at $50.00

Perfect for two objects or even a two person portrait. Get this special offer today, and display the fished product framed, for a low price.

11 inch by 14 inch illustration

Starting at $80.00

The “grand slam” when it comes to drawing multiple objects. On a wall, it would be an eye-catcher for friends or family.

Please note: Each price quoted above are the starting prices for each illustration size, and may change based on variables such as: extra objects to include, or set deadlines. A standard frame is included with each finished illustration, as a complementary item.

Free consolidations are available, please get in touch with me. Thank you.