2 – A ‘q’ tip on smooth shading

If there was one tip about drawing I wish I would have known sooner, it’d be that you can use a Q-tip for smooth shading!

When I first tried using a Q-tip on one of my drawing projects, I thought it was a longshot, but it actually worked; it produced a level of smoothness most blending stumps won’t accomplishment.

Brands? I don’t have any specific brands of this amazing tool to recommend, because in my opinion a Q-tip is just a Q-tip.

A good reason why this is an amazing tool to use when shading, is because the edge of a Q-tip is pure cotton; it’s easier to blend the pencil to a smoothness.

I typically use a Q-tip to smooth out 4b and 6b graphite art projects, like portraits; As far of the paper type, try to stick with drawing paper.

Hope this helps you smooth out your pencil drawings. **Results may vary**